To All My Fellow White Women Marchers: Use Your Privilege Against the System For Others

The fight for women’s rights and equality is what opened my world to feminism. Not BS feminism that gets portrayed as hateful and full of vengeance.
The type of feminism that is guided by love, compassion, and empathy for every other creature. That’s it, nothing more nothing less that means that my fight is not over as a human, until everyone else’s fights are won and we are finally living as intended.
The type of feminism that means it is my fight and my responsibility to use my white privilege to defend those that are fighting for things I as a white woman, despite my struggles, will never be able to understand. Because by random change I lack melanin, and they don’t to varying degrees, thus by the beauty of nature we all look different.
You, as a white person, did absolutely nothing to “become white” and yet you benefit from that every single day of your life. Which may or may not be “your fault” but that doesn’t detract from the fact that you are privileged for no damn reason. Which is as asinine as anyone else being hated (to put it lightly), and faceing far far more obstacles, because the skin color they were born with.
If you can’t swallow your damn inflated pride and acknowledge that fact, and make it your job to fight for your fellow man against a system made to destroy them, then you are actively part of the problem. And you should be damn ashamed of that.

Please walk up to the next person of color you see and tell them that things being “the way they are” is personally their fault and they should be held responsible and their children punished before even being old enough to understand the world.
If you can’t do that, then you know damn well it’s wrong. And you have some serious thinking to do about if you are a good person or not.


First of all ladies, I want to say how proud and inspired I was by the Women’s March and the continual protests I am seeing of women across the country. Seeing so many women peacefully making their concerns heard, taking to the streets, and refusing to normalize misogyny is a beautiful thing. Something I don’t think I would have believed possible after all the times I had heard feminists be called ugly dykes who just need to get laid, and seen my fellow women laughing at those jokes. So I want to thank each and every woman who walked, you are fucking brave and amazing and powerful.

So now what?

Women's March in D.C., 2017, AfroSapiophile. Photography Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

We have made our voices known, we pissed off Mr. Trump, we proved to the world and ourselves that we have serious numbers and serious concerns. But one thing keeps tugging at me, and that’s the difference in police response…

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