As the title says

Shit, I did that.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog, I probably registered a couple websites only to never return.

I had lots of “ideas” for a blog… But no real content. Every “idea” I had wasn’t right, it wasn’t something I actually knew enough about to write and not make a fool of myself. Or it was something that looked great and would be fun, but ya know… I quit. So then… There goes the blog.

Turns out, that’s because I didn’t really know much about anything, myself included.

Yep, this is gonna be a deep trip through the experience of being a, just quit my job not sure what I’m doing, trauma and abuse victim, sufferer, survivor (that one is still weird), confused, pissed off, scared shit less, often depressed, never at ease, and paranoid person.

It’s not as bad as it sounds,  my life has never been better.


Oh, and there’s cats… Lots of them. A dog. A Mermaid Princess. A healthy marriage. Lots of baggage. Lots more laughs. And probably a lot of me talking to myself about life… Which I realized duh! If you do that anyways… Just write it down and it’s  not “crazy” anymore, it’s “creative”. Who knew!


I’ve always said I sucked at Journaling… But I think that was because… I was all those things listed above and more, which seems like there ought to be plenty of content, but I was so numb and so gone… I wasn’t processing. I wasn’t living, or feeling, just avoiding and desperately distracting myself.  Journaling would let the hurt slip through, and I wasn’t ready. So I quit. Like most things.


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